Mediclaim Policy

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What is Mediclaim Policy?

Mediclaim policy is nothing but a health insurance policy that is designed to take care of one’s healthcare expenses up to the sum assured, in case the person faces any sort of medical emergency, be it an illness or an accident that has led to hospitalization. One must also take note of the fact that a mediclaim policy in India is issued for a defined time period. Once the renewal date nears, the person needs to pay the premium before the due date so as to continue enjoying its benefits.

Why One Should opt For Mediclaim Policy?

Ever increasing health care costs have made it necessary to opt for mediclaim policies in India. When it comes to health care, everyone wants to opt for best in class healthcare services. However considering the steep price rise in this sector, many of us are pushed to opt for a relatively lower quality of healthcare. But with a mediclaim policy, an individual is able to opt for the best type of medical healthcare, without having to worry about arranging large sums of money.

Benefits of Buying a Mediclaim Policy

  • Cost-effective way of health care
  • Reduces one’s financial burden
  • Offers peace of mind
  • Availability of cashless hospitalization
  • No out of pocket medical expense
  • Medical expenses managed by the insurance company itself.