Senior Citizen Health Plans

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As the name suggests, senior citizen health insurance plans are those policies that specifically catered to individuals over the age of 60 years. Inflation and rising medical costs are a concern for one and all. Added to this, as one’s age advances, medical complications and hospitalisation expenses start rising. For people who have already retired and are living on a pension or a limited income, health insurance expenses could cause a dent in their savings. Given these circumstances, it is wise for senior citizens to buy a comprehensive health insurance plan. Health insurance plans for senior citizens offer many benefits, such as cashless admission, free-of-cost ambulance service, coverage for critical illnesses, etc. While there are several insurers, who offer health insurance plans for senior citizens, it is imperative that you choose one that best matches your needs and provides a health cover for all the major ailments.

How do Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan Work?

Let’s take an example to demonstrate the working of a senior citizen health insurance plan. Ravi is a middle-aged professional with a wife and two children. While Ravi has a corporate health cover and an individual health cover to cover his wife, children, and himself, his dependent parents are left with no health insurance. Ravi’s father suffers from diabetes, and his mother also suffers from a few ailments. Ravi realizes that it is time for him to purchase a Senior Citizen Health Insurance Policy for his parents. After comparing the various senior citizen plans offered by insurers in the city, Ravi zeroes in a plan that offers a comprehensive health cover. Ravi’s parents go in for a medical examination and get approved for the policy. Ravi chooses an optimum Sum Insured, for which he has to make a payment of around Rs.8,000 per month. Now, Ravi’s parents can avail cashless hospitalisation or have the insurer reimburse their hospitalisation expenses, whenever the need arises.